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Careers FAQ

You can access LG Innotek's recruiting-related information.

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  • Completion of Application Form
    Can I apply for LG Innotek only on-line?
    I would like to know whether my online application has been properly submitted and received.
    Is it possible to reapply for LG Innotek even though I have once failed recruitment?
    Can I revise part of my job application?
    Why do errors occur on the relevant page when I fill out an online job application?
    Can I delete an online application I submitted?
    I have no resident registration number as I am a foreigner. Can I apply nonetheless?
    Do you have any gender/age limits for job applications?
    When filling out a job application, how can I enter my preferred place of work?
    What specific preferential treatment do disabled persons, patriots and veterans receive regarding job applications?
    I submitted a job application online. How can I confirm that it was received?
    Is a license relating to the job helpful in job application?
    Can I apply even if I have not yet completed military service?
    Where can I find information regarding recruitment?
    Without test scores of English skills such as TOEIC or TOEFL, can I still apply?
    Do transfer students suffer disadvantages?
    Can a person with a major different from the major specified in a job opening apply too?
  • Recruitment of People With/Without Experlence
    I would like to know about the recruitment period, scale and number of persons with experience.
    What are the application qualifications of people with experience?
    What is the process of a job interview for applicants with experience?
    Does work experience include an alternative to military service, the period of military service and master’s or doctoral degree?
    Is experience that is irrelevant to the job I apply for not recognized as work experience?
    Is it possible to be reemployed?
    I would like to know about the recruitment period, scale and number of those without experience.
    What are the application qualifications for those without experience?
    I have work experience of at least two years. Can I apply as a person without experience?
    What do you consider in document screening?
    Can an internship or a part-time job be a major factor in recruitments?
    What do you consider most important in an interview?
    What is the process of the first and final interviews for an applicant with no experience?
  • Screening Process and Announcement of Sucessfull Candidates
    What are the qualifications for college graduates without experience?
    What is the overall recruitment process of LG Innotek?
    Can an applicant fail a personality test during the recruitment process? If so, what criteria do you apply to determining success or failure?
    Are there any documents an applicant should bring with him/her to an interview?
    Is the place of interview a place of work after employment?
    I passed all the document screening, personality and aptitude tests and interview, but failed to receive an email informing me of acceptance.
    Do you inform a failed candidate of recruitment results too?
  • Overseas Recruitment
    Can I apply for your company as an alternative to military service?
    I would like more details on recruiting employees from overseas.
    I would like to know about the recruitment period, scale and number of employees from overseas.
    What are the qualifications for applying for overseas recruitments?
    Where do you conduct interviews?
    If I apply for overseas recruitment, where will I work?
  • Others
    Could you give me more details of remuneration and benefits?
    I need a written confirmation of interview/employment as I cannot attend school.