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LG Innotek's CI Symbolizing the world, future, youth, human and technology.

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Symbol Mark

What this symbol means?

Symbol Mark

The symbolmark means 5 highly valuable assets: world, future, youth, human and
technology. The letter L and G inside a circle shape a human face, which strongly
indicates our commitment to human-oriented management. It also represents
our determination to get closer to our customers worldwide with best support
and human touch.

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Logo Type

The Logotype represents the official name of LG Innotek. It may not be altered under any circumstances.


The Logo refers to the combination of the Symbol Mark and Logotype that serves to identify LG Innotek in all forms of communications. The Symbol Mark cannot be used alone.

Color System

The default logo colors of LG Innotek are LG Red and LG Gray.

Color System