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Business Information

CEO Greetings

The vision of being an advanced material and component manufacturer! LG Innotek works to achieve this vision each day.

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LG Innotek CEO Jong-Seok Park Message

Welcome all of you who visited our website.

LG Innotek is a global materials and components manufacturer
that focuses on mobile, automotive, LED, display, semiconductor
and IoT business field with its core technologies.

We have been the global leader in developing and manufacturing
camera modules and tape substrates for years.
Furthermore, we are preparing innovative products for markets,
such as automotive, IoT, and others,
that are being focused on as the next markets of growth.

The importance of components and materials is increasing,
under the current rapidly changing market circumstances.
LG Innotek, with the attitude that components and materials
determine the quality of the end products,
will make its utmost effort to provide differentiated value to the customers.

Thank you.

LG Innotek CEO Jong-Seok Park

signature of Jong-Seok Park