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Business Information

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LG Innotek creates the future with innovative techonology.

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Business Area

Mobile - Fill your hands with happiness.
LG Innotek manufactures the core components of mobile devices, including Touch Panel, as well as Camera Module for automotive, laptops and electric home appliances. Its ultra-slim, lightweight components enable mobile devices to realize unparalleled multi-functional capabilities at the highest performance level.
Mobile Product
Product Camera Module/Actuator|Build-up PCB|Rigid Flexible PCB
Wireless Power Charger|Optical Bio Sensor Module
Automotive - Let the race begin to achieve the dreams.
LG Innotek develops and manufactures electronic components that maximize customer safety and convenience is based on its core technologies in the high-tech electric and electronic parts field. Through automotive components that facilitate optimal driving environment for drivers under all road conditions, weather conditions, and various other situations, the company realizes the ideal automotive technology.
Automotive Product
Product Motor & Sensor|Connectivity & ADAS|For xEV|Wireless Power Charger for Mobile
Thermoelectric Module|LED Lighting
IoT - Linking mind and heart together.
Based on our world-leading technologies in wireless communications, LG Innotek bridges people to people, technology to technology, and soul to soul by producing Internet of Things (IoT) components that not only connect high-tech IT devices such as TVs and computers, but also various other items in our daily lives via wired and wireless network.
IoT Product
Product Network Camera|Smart Camera|Wireless Modem (3G/4G)|Mobile Router
Wireless Control System|Real Time Location System|Electronic Shelf Label
Display - Connect with a more vivid world.
LG Innotek produces core components that ensure the best image quality and reliability of devices such as TVs and monitors. Our high-precision material processing technology realizes high-definition images, while power supply components with high reliability usher in a new digital world.
Display Product
Product Photo Mask|Power Module|Digital Tuner|Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Module
LED BLU (Direct/Edge)|Touch Panel
Semiconductor - Engraving dreams of future
LG Innotek manufactures semiconductor substrates (the high value-added substrates which are mounted on top of semiconductor chips) that realize high-tech digital device technologies, such as TVs, laptops and mobile devices.
Semiconductor Product
Product Flip Chip CSP|CSP|SiP|COF|COB(Smart IC)
LED - Lightening up the happier future.
LG Innotek manufactures LED products, the next-generation light source. As a leading global LED manufacturer, the company's cutting-edge technologies allow for vertical integration of the entire LED process, from epi/chips and packages to modules.
LED Product
Product LED Business|LED for Mobile|LED BLU (Direct/Edge)|LED for Automotive
LED for Lighting|UV LED

Business Partner

LG Innotek strives towards a digital future for everyone by partnering with 200 enterprises all over the world. We are always with you as the first partner offering the highest value to our customers and as the one chosen first by our customers.