Innovation · Technology

LG Innotek, Korea's first electronic components company founded in 1970, has grown into a leading global materials and components company by diversifying business areas and focusing on creating world-class products through constant technological development and process innovation. We supply global customers with key materials and components in the fields of mobile, display, semiconductor, automobile, and IoT that are developed and produced in our facilities at home and abroad. Our globally leading products include smartphone camera modules, substrates and photomasks for displays, and semiconductor substrates for communications. LG Innotek will continue to expand new products and businesses through differentiated technological development and convergence of technologies to achieve our vision of becoming the “Global No.1 Material and Component Company.”

Business Areas

Optics Solution

We are leading the market of ultra-slim, high-pixel camera modules and 3D sensing modules that are applied to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and expanding our business to adjacent sectors such as vehicles and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Substrate & Material

We are driving technological innovation by designing and producing tape substrates and photomasks used in high-resolution displays and package substrates that are applied to advanced semiconductors.


Automotive Components

We are rapidly expanding the automotive parts market by supplying global companies with vehicle communication modules, power modules, camera modules, lighting modules, and small precision motors and sensors designed to improve the driving safety and convenience of automobiles.