Financial Information

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(Unit : KRW bn)

Total Assets5,7565,8784,3243,9144,429
Current Assets2,2332,7352,0841,7892,082
Non-current Assets3,5233,1432,2392,1252,347
Total Liabilities3,6383,9272,5452,1492,732
Current Liabilities1,5842,4971,7341,2961,647
Non-current Liabilities2,0531,4308128541,086
Total Stockholders' Equity2,1181,9511,7791,7651,697
Capital Stock118118118118118
Retained Earnings907741543522451
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income-40-42-16-9-6
Other Capital1,1331,1331,1331,1331,133

Note) LG Innotek adopted K-IFRS as of January 1, 2010. The data of 2009 is based on K-GAAP and the data before 2008 was prepared for internal use.