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Establishment of the Supplier Code of Conduct

LG Innotek has helped suppliers in adhering to a sustainable management system by establishing the supplier code of conduct based on the EICC international standard. The code of conduct illustrates what is required for suppliers, such as the promotion of social, environmental, and ethical business activities, creation of a safe working environment, protection of the dignity of employees, and accountability for their operations. Moreover, the code of conduct is also included in the contracts agreements we sign with suppliers to further reiterate their compliance in their business activities. The code of conduct consists of provisions regarding Labor Rights (Section 7), Health and Safety (Section 7), Environment (Section 6), Ethics (Section 5), Legal Extraction of Raw Materials (Section 1), and Management System (Section 10).

Supporting for Suppliers’ CSR Management

LG Innotek supports its supplier's CSR management by training their CEOs, executives (CEO Academy for Shared Growth), and working staff. Under the environmental education, we share global regulatory trends regarding hazardous substances and conflict resources. We also discuss case studies and suggestions for resolution, as well as deliberate on special subjects, such as emission trading schemes. In our ethical education course, we teach our suppliers how to implement Jeong-Do Management, which highlights a type of business management that is based on integrity, the prevention of illegal profit generation, compliance with fair trade guidelines, etc. This program provides suppliers with the necessary tools in practicing ethical management and contributing to civil society.

CSR Evaluation when Selecting New Suppliers

LG Innotek's evaluation of corporate social responsibility when it selects new suppliers is divided into four categories: environment, labor rights, safety management, and ethics.

Environment Evaluate the supplier's environmental management system / hazardous materials management.
Labor Rights Conduct self-inspection by utilizing the SA8000 check-sheet, and request for a written pledge of compliance.
Safety Management Additional points are given to authorized economic operators (AEO) or those with ISO27001 certification(for those without ISO27001, safety management status is evaluated).
Ethics A sense of responsibility and sincerity of the supplier's CEOs are evaluated.
Others We acquire information on all the refineries/origins of tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold used in our products using the Conflict Minerals Reporting template by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). Moreover, we ask suppliers to use certified smelters to prevent the use of conflict minerals related to armed groups.