Partners CSR

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Supplier Code of Conduct

01. The right to work and human rights 02. Health and safety 03. Environment

Voluntary work

Prohibition of child labor exploitation

Working hours

Wages and benefits

Humanitarian treatment

Prohibition of discrimination

Freedom of association

Industrial safety

Emergency preparedness

Industrial disasters and diseases

Industrial hygiene

Physical overwork

Maintaining safety of machinery

Hygiene, Food, Dwelling

Environmental licensing and reporting

Prevention of pollution and reduction of resource usage

Hazardous substances

Solid waste and wastewater

Air pollution

Regulation of substances used in products

04. Ethics 05. Legitimate excavation of raw materials 06. Management system

Business integrity

Disclosure of information

Protection of intellectual property

Identity protection

Privacy protection

Guarantee of legitimate mining of raw materials distributed throughout the whole supply chain

Declaration of the company's voluntary will to comply

Management duties and responsibilities

Legal and customer requirements

Risk assessment and management

Goals for improvement

Education and communication

Feedback and participation by employees

Auditing and evaluation

Process of corrective action

Documentation and records