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LG Innotek's Sustainable Management

LG Innotek has been striving to create values for its customers based on the principle of respect for humans, and in this regard, LG Innotek has enacted policies in such areas as labor, ethics, and environment to embody the fundamental elements of sustainability in order to systematically carry out sustainable management, which has become a global standard throughout all management activities.

Vision and strategy for sustainable management

LG Innotek's vision for sustainable management is "Right Promise, Better Tomorrow."
We will pursue sustainable growth by carrying out various CSR activities to form partnerships.

Under this vision, LG Innotek is taking the lead in making tomorrow better than today as a responsible corporate citizen, and is making efforts to fulfill our promises with sincerity.

To this end, LG Innotek is promoting CSR risk management, CSR change management, communication with stakeholders, and LG's social contribution as four strategic tasks.

Throughout the whole management ranging from product R & D to purchasing to production and marketing, LG Innotek is striving to enhance CSR enforcement capabilities and secure the trust of stakeholders.