사업 경쟁력 확보가 지속가능경영의 기본입니다.

Dear stakeholders,
We express our deep gratitude for supporting LG Innotek.

LG Innotek is aiming to become “a company with a strong foundation” that will grow consistently,
which can last for more than 100 years and 200 years, with trust from stakeholders.

“A company with a strong foundation” requires consistent growth along with profit. With this in mind,
LG Innotek has established challenging goals for the innovation of its businesses, products, and work
processes, and all executives and employees are stepping up their collaborative efforts to achieve

At the same time, we are clearly aware that we should fulfill our corporate social responsibility and
putting our best efforts in various aspects of economic, environmental, and social sectors.

In terms of economy, we are operating business focusing on profit by sophisticating our business
We are improving the business structure and characters through change and innovation as well as
building a framework in which we can yield profits consistently by establishing an organizational
culture based on communication and ownership.
As for the environmental aspect, we are implementing eco-friendly management in all workplaces
domestically and internationally as we acknowledge that our efforts and activities against climate
change are essential for a sustainable future.
Not only do we comply with laws, but we also manage our businesses thoroughly by setting stricter
internal standards.
On the social side, we are establishing a safety culture and enhancing crisis management capabilities
so that our workplaces can be trusted by employees and stakeholders. Furthermore, LG Innotek will
strive to be a trustworthy company by implementing Jeong-Do (right way) management, expanding
activities for mutual growth with partners, adhering to fair trade practices, and increasing
communication with regional communities.

Becoming a sustainable enterprise requires ceaseless efforts and innovations.
And in this process, communication with stakeholders is of utmost importance.
We will actively communicate with you through various channels. By aggressively reflecting your
requests and advice into management, LG Innotek will do its best to fulfill its social responsibility.

We ask for your continued interest and encouragement.
Thank you.

CEO Cheol-Dong Jeong

Vice chairman & CEO Cheol-Dong Jeong