Right Promise, Better Tomorrow. LG이노텍이 추구하는 CSR 비전입니다.

Vision and Execution System

LG Innotek's vision for sustainable management is "Right Promise, Better Tomorrow."
We will pursue sustainable growth by carrying out various CSR activities to form partnerships. Under this vision, LG Innotek is taking the lead in making tomorrow better than today as a responsible corporate citizen, and is making efforts to fulfill our promises with sincerity.

Stakeholder-specific Tasks

We plan to set tasks specific for five major stakeholders and solve them through collaboration with related divisions. We aim to provide advanced and differentiated values to customers, make our members feel proud of the company, maximize profits for shareholders through transparent corporate management, achieve shared growth with partners through fair and ethical trading, assistance, and nurturing, and pursue co-existence with local communities through support and cooperation such as social contribution activities.

CSR risk management

Based on the code of conduct of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), LG Innotek reviews and reports on CSR risk management in five areas: labor and human rights, ethics, environment, safety and health, and management systems at home and abroad and it is addressing the problems found during inspections. In addition, the company identifies and remedies problems through Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and on-site verification for domestic and overseas business sites every year.
※ CSR risk management for suppliers: LG Innotek has enacted the supplier code of conduct to improve their CSR level.

CSR change management

LG Innotek has organized the CSR committee to hold meetings when critical issues are found in order to address them and reflect the results to its strategies. In particular, the committee checks on issues and monitors them, and carries out benchmarking and works toward a resolution to heighten sustainable management. In addition, the committee has recognized the importance of CSR issues and revised the Board of Directors' rules to report the issues to the board regularly and the current state of CSR is also reported to the board when necessary. Furthermore, we are training our employees and executives to continue change management by raising awareness about CSR, etc.

Communication with stakeholders

LG Innotek seeks to actively communicate with our stakeholders to understand their interests and respond to them better. To fulfill our social responsibility, LG Innotek actively responds to our customers' questions and requests. We also work hard to understand the latest trends by surveying and interviewing local and global sustainable management evaluation organizations and NGOs, and we strive to fulfill their requirements. Internally, we continue to share CSR activities through company newsletters (webzine / mobile) and intranet.