Sustainability Management Introduction

LG Innotek's CSR activities are all found in the sustainability report.

Since 2010, LG Innotek has published an annual sustainability report that highlights our efforts toward social responsibility. LG Innotek will continue to stay in constant communication with our stakeholders regarding our plans and performance in sustainable management.

2019-20 Sustainability Report Information

This is LG Innotek's 11th sustainability report. It serves as a channel through which the company can communicate with its stakeholders on its sustainability management initiatives. In this report, LG Innotek indicates the major issues that have been monitored and diagnosed or the year 2019 as well as the initiatives toward resolving these issues. This report covers the results of those activities.

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Overview Corporate overview(CEO message, Our businesses, CSR vision and system, etc.) Download1.25MB Download725KB
Jeong-Do management Download518KB Download308KB
Communication with stakeholders, Materiality analysis Download508KB Download302KB
Materiality Report Promise with customers Download1.04MB Download780KB
Promise with environment Download1.08MB Download908KB
Promise with business partners Download1MB Download774KB
Promise with local communities Download1.15MB Download911KB
Promise with employees Download1.2MB Download916KB
Our Data
& Appendix
Economic/Environmental/Social Data Download444KB Download265KB
Memberships/Awards & Recognition Download630KB Download365KB
R&D national projects involved
Independent assurance statement
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