Safety & Environment Management

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LG Innotek puts the happy life of people and the environmental preservation first in its management activities and technology development, has carried out green management continuously, and has enhanced its global competitiveness based on eco-friendly mindset. Also, LG Innotek has made efforts to achieve the EESH vision through various innovative activities such as reducing energy consumption and carbon emission and improving production processes.

In the 21st century, developing solutions for energy, climate, environment, safety, and healthcare is becoming more vital to the competitiveness of the company. In response to this new paradigm, LG Innotek has set up a department dedicated to the environment since 1990 and has continued its activities. In addition, we have participated in the "Declaration of Eco-friendly Products Production" starting in 2004 to declare our active participation in the production of eco-friendly products as a manufacturer of parts and components. Since 2010, we have held the Global EESH Conference to improve the EESH level at business sites home and abroad as part of our efforts to realize green management on a global scale. As a result of such efforts, LG Innotek has acquired certifications for environmental safety and has been certified as a green company by the Korean government.
* Designated as a green company: Gumi 1A / 1 / 2 / 3 Factory, Cheongju Factory



To become the global No 1 EESH leader in the materials and components industry


To create a safe workplace free from disaster and accident
To create a green workplace that pursues environmental friendliness and high efficiency



Ensure a stable supply of UT

Reduce energy cost

Introduce new technologies


Proactively respond to regulations

Minimize environmental load

Reduce greenhouse gas emission


Prevent accidents

Identify and Reduce risks

Provide proper training and Education


Manage ill employees

Improve working environment

Provide health care for employees


The staff at LG Innotek works hard to encourage sustainable development and improve the quality of life based on the EESH management system. As a global leader in the materials and components industry, LG Innotek wants to show the world what can be achieved under EESH-focused management.

01. We take energy, environment, safety and health as the basic elements in making decisions regarding management.
02. We comply with international conventions and national laws, and continuously improve the level of energy, environment, safety and healthcare.
03. We publicize our policies on energy, environment and safety and the results thereof through the media inside and outside the company, and strive to improve performance systematically and continuously.
04. All executives and employees actively participate in enhancing resource and energy efficiency, reducing waste, and eliminating risk factors in all management activities and strive to promote individual health.
05. We design products and facilities considering energy, environment, safety and health, and take them into account in our purchasing activities as well.
06. We will lead the local energy, environment, safety and health activities by expanding mutual understanding and exchanges with the local community.

LG Innotek CEO Cheol-Dong Jeong