Shared Growth

For fulfilling CSR, LG Innotek goes together with its suppliers.

LG Innotek selects its suppliers according to fair and transparent procedures and the company pursues such projects as technological innovation, core competency development, management innovation, quality, productivity innovation, etc. in six areas of fair trade, technical support, financial support, management support, human resources and welfare support and communication. LG Innotek also operates "Shared growth center", a complaints reporting and handling system to provide an online communication window within the purchase portal site to quickly and accurately respond to inquiries or suggestions. In addition, it regularly visits suppliers to examine the level of cooperation and conducts surveys to identify their satisfaction level and solve problems.

Co-prosperity policy

Right Promise, Better Tomorrow

Leading the market together with suppliers!

Concentrating core competencies
· Strategic supplier training
· Management competency
· Supplier employee training
Reinforcing partnerships
· Open Communication
· 4 Fair-Trade Guide Compliance
· Establish a shared growth infra for 2nd tier suppliers
Creating tangible results
· Open Innovation
· Project Collaboration
· Participation in National Project and technology protection

Projects to support co-prosperity

Fair trade Management support Technical support/protection

Fair trade and shared growth agreement

Compliance with 4 major fair trade action items

Management doctor system

Performance sharing system

Industrial innovation movement

Productivity innovation partnership

Green SCM

Joint innovation activity

Purchase guaranteed project

Deposit of technical documents

Certification of original document of trade secrets

Financial support Training/Welfare Communication

Shared growth fund

Payment for subcontractors

Win-Win Payment System

Network loan

On/Off-line training

Recruitment support

Operation of on-line welfare mall

Watching baseball games with suppliers

Sharing procurement / shared growth policy

Visiting 1&2–tier suppliers

Supplier VOS

Social contribution activities