HR Policies

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Intern Training

LG Innotek helps interns better understand the company and develop a sense of belonging through the induction course, so that they can one day become a true member of LG Innotek.
In addition to this, new employees are trained over a period of one year so they can adapt to the work environment and achieve growth as quickly as possible.

신임 조직 책임자 교육
신임 조직 책임자 교육
팀장 LDC
R&D Leadership Pipleline
맞춤형 리더쉽 개발제안
Intern Training LG Way, LG Innotek’s Business & Organizational Culture, Mentoring, LG’s Common Internship Program.
Induction Course Develop understanding for the 'LG Way', businesses and corporate culture as well as management philosophy and mindset as an employee.
Field Experience Understanding for the production site and business division.
Mentoring Mentoring program for new employees to adapt to the working environment faster and easier.
Smart Skill Up Learn effective work skills that can be applied immediately to the field of work.
Junior Jump Up Become a true member of LG Innotek who can play a leading role and deliver results by looking back on the past year.

Competence/Expert Training

LG Innotek wants everyone of its employees to become a true expert in what they do.
To achieve this, the company offers competence and expert training programs aimed at helping them develop competence and troubleshooting skills, which are an essential element of every type of work.


LG Innotek's philosophy of leadership is to strengthen one's advantages, not to make up disadvantages.
In support of this philosophy, we offer a program designed to help employees find a solution to improve their own leadership skills.

신임 조직 책임자 교육
팀장 LDC
R&D Leadership Pipleline
Propose Customized
Leadership Development
New Team Leader Training Set the direction for the leadership of new team leaders, and help them recognize the importance of R&D.
Team Leader LDC Provide a practical leadership solution for team leaders to play the role as a competent leader.
New Director Training Help new directors better understand their role, business and team.
R&D Leadership Pipeline Improve the competence of R&D leaders to build a highl-performing R&D team.
Propose Customized Leadership Development Consider the situation of each leader and then provide feedback customized to improve their advantages.

Core Talent Program

LG Innotek identifies potential and trains talented people through its systematic training program.

Business Leader
(Candidates for business Unit/Division Leader)
Job Rotation
Management Coaching
Functional Expert
(Young HPI, Leader HPI)
Stretch Goals
Education Opportunity

Research Fellow / Functional Fellow Program

LG Innotek’s vision encourages its employees to become experts in research and technical areas without having to take charge of a team.

Executive Vice President
Senior Vice President
Vice President
Senior Research Fellow
Research Fellow
Functional Fellow
Principal Research Engineer/Senior Manager

· Offers Incentives comparable those of a director.
· Provides an independent research space so that researchers can focus on their work.