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LG Innotek Reveals Programmable LED Drivers for Wireless Lighting Control Solution

2016. 10. 27.

LG Innotek announced that it will release a programmable LED driver for wireless lighting control in the American market. The product has moderate price, but shows outstanding performance, it is expected to gain popularity as a wireless lighting control solution in the market.

The company revealed that it has supplied its programmable power supply for wireless light-ing control, “Helios”, to a renowned LED lighting company located in the North America be-ginning this September. The programmable LED driver includes two models: a 30W and a 55W.

Helios allows you to adjust output freely so it is possible to implement LED lighting for any environment. Also it has built-in wireless network module inside the product.

It supports wireless control based on ZigBee, which is an inexpensive communication method with low power consumption. And you only need to replace the module mounted on the power supply to support wireless control based on the Bluetooth low energy (BLE) method.

The company shortened the development period to two months based on the core technolo-gies related to wireless communications and reduced the price of the product by 20% com-pared to its competitors’.

LG Innotek also released wireless interface module (WIM) together with the Helios. You can mount the WIM on the output terminal to support wireless control and use it as a wireless lighting control solution at a cheap price without replacing the existing lighting devices.

The company said that it secured the high reliability of the product by utilizing its three main world-best technologies in the field of wireless communication, power circuit design, and LED light source.

If the LED driver for LED lighting is unstable, it may supply too much power to the lightings, lowering their lifespan and energy efficiency. The company’s product supports normal opera-tion for up to 50,000 hours with the energy efficiency of up to 89%.

In 2013, the company developed a wireless LED lighting control system that supports four main wireless communication methods including Wi-fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, and Z-Wave for the first time in the world, boasting its technical superiority.

LG Innotek plans to release LED driver for wireless lighting control that support other com-munication methods in addition to ZigBee and BLE in the American market to solidify its foothold in the market.