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LG Innotek develops a high-performance dual camera for smart-phones

2017. 08. 10.

LG Innotek announced that it has developed a high-performance dual camera module that combines a standard lens with F1.6 aperture and a low-distortion wide-angle lens. It is slated to be installed in the strategic smart-phone of LG Electronics which will be introduced to the public in coming August.

This product carries the brightest-aperture value that can be seen among the existing smart-phones and is the world’s first dual camera module which uses a high resolution special glass lens.

LG Innotek has maximized the original function of a smart-phone camera, which is ‘recording the days of life with easiness in vivid images’, with a full mobilization of the ultra-precise optical technologies.

This dual camera module is capable of easily producing pictures with various moods by moving between 117 and 71 degrees of view angles. The functions eliminate the need to move back and forth trying to capture only a specific person or to contain all the background one wants in a picture.

This product can express the subjects being pictured more vividly by applying a glass material with a high visible-ray transmittance rate into the standard lens. Glass is frequently used in high-end camera lenses for its usefulness in achieving precise color and texture.

Furthermore, the module can take even sharper images using the bright F1.6 aperture value. The lower the F value gets, the wider the aperture opens up, intaking more light. This new product can contain approximately 20% more light than ones with F1.8.

The wide-angle lens of this product has an excellent ability to correct distortions, producing more natural images. While being able to contain a wide range of view in a frame, the phenomenon of subjects being bent or elongated is also reduced. It is all thanks to the application of the low-distortion optical technology of LG Innotek.

LG Innotek has made its camera modules thin to achieve the slimness of the smart-phones. Although this product is one with higher-end specifications with a resolution of 16M pixels, it is thin enough to be equipped in a slim smart-phone with a thickness under 8mm and not make the phone bulge.

An official in the company said, “This is an innovative product that is most suitable for the mobile life where the smart-phone cameras are used to record daily lives and to save and share them right away.”, also adding that, “the more various view angles and the sharper images will make the recordings of life’s impressions and memories more vivid.”

LG Innotek has kept its number one spot in the world in the camera module market for six years in a row since 2011, with the foundation of its leading optical technology and competitive edge in quality. It is leading the smart-phone camera market, introducing steps head a range of developments from the ultra-slim high-resolution products and the optical hand-shaking prevention function (OIS), to the ultra wide-angle module and the dual camera.


LG Innotek’s dual camera module