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LG Innotek holds “China UV LED Forum” successfully

2018. 05. 31.


■ Held on the 29th with over 700 industry representatives attending

■ UV LED technology and product trends, local utilization cases introduced

■ “UV LED being utilized to differentiate finished products and resolve sanitation issues”


LG Innotek held the “UV LED Forum” at JW Marriott Hotel Bao-an, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China on the 29th to share the latest UV LED technology trends. The forum was a great success with over 700 representatives from local industries attending, including those from consumer electronics, sanitation equipment, medical service, and manufacturing equipment.


Ultraviolet (UV) LED is the most advanced semiconductor light source emitting ultraviolet rays. Exterminating germs and viruses depending on the wavelengths, it is widely used for the sterilization of water, air, and surfaces and on medical, bio, hardening of plastics, or light exposure devices.


LG Innotek chose Shenzhen as the venue for its first overseas forum based on its belief that China is a market with the biggest potential demand for UV LED. The company wishes to secure leadership by directly presenting the outstanding performance and extensive application areas of environment-friendly UV LED to the global market.


“UV LED is an innovative product that can make our life clean and safe. We will actively cooperate in various different sectors so that the industrial ecosystem can grow rapidly,” said CEO Jong-Seok Park in his welcome remarks.


Hong Ray-Hua, professor of National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan who is an expert in the engineering fields, explained the values of UV LED for practical use in a keynote speech that day.


Afterward, the current UV LED application cases in China were introduced by industry leaders, including Ouyang Chenyi, CEO of UV LED Optical, one of the world’s largest nail curing equipment manufacturers, Xiang Yu, merchandise planning supervisor at HCEN, which produces UV modules for water purification, and Wan Tianwei, Managing Director of HaidUV, a manufacturer of UV modules for consumer electric and electronic appliances.


In addition, Professor Dong-hyun Kang of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Seoul National University presented the outcome of his empirical study concerning the sterilizing capacity of UV LED. According to him, UV-C LED with 100mW light output power exterminates 99.9% of salmonellae that cause food poisoning within a mere 3.4 seconds.


Jun-Oh Song, the vice president of LED business division, introduced the company’s product lineup and development roadmap. “After increasing the light output power of sterilization to UV LED 100mW last year, we plan to enhance it to 150mW in 2018 and 200mW in 2019.”


A UV LED exhibition booth was provided at the event site, attracting keen attention from the visitors by displaying over 30 different UV LED packages including the UV-C LED package that generates 100mW as the world’s highest light output as well as sterilization modules and other applied products developed independently by the company.


“We could see the keen interest of Chinese businesses in UV LED,” said one LG Innotek executive. They hinted at utilizing UV LED in resolving environment and sanitation-related issues while differentiating the functions and quality of their existing finished products.