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LG Innotek Participated in the KPCA Show 2018

2018. 04. 23.


LG Innotek participated in the International Electronic Circuits Show 2018 (KPCA Show 2018) held in KINTEX, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea from April 24th to 26th, and boasted its advanced electronic circuit board technology.


The International Electronic Circuits Show is the only specialized electronic circuit exhibition in Korea. More than 250 domestic and foreign companies participate in the exhibition annually and share the latest technology trends and information. The electronic circuit board is a core part that corresponds to the neural circuit of electric and electronic products such as smart phones, smart cars, TVs, and PCs, and transmits various electrical signals between parts.


In this exhibition, LG Innotek exhibited 10 types of ultra-precision electronic circuits (PCBs) from four product lines including build-up PCB, rigid flexible PCB, tape substrate and package substrate.


For the build-up PCBs used as the main board of smart phones, special products such as ultra-thin high density interconnection (HDI), embedded PCB and substrate-like PCB (SLP) were revealed in the exhibition.


Especially, SLP is a product that applied semiconductor packaging technology to existing HDI, and it is attracting attention as a next generation main substrate because it processes more information with its reduced size.


For the rigid flexible PCBs, hybrid-type PCBs, which combine rigid PCBs and flexible PCBs to increase utilization, were introduced. It is a product that can be connected with a 3-dimensional circuit because it can bend while increasing component mounting density.


For the tape substrates, 2-metal COF (2-metal Chip-on-Film) and smart ICs were exhibited, proving the company’s superior technology. These are products applied with LG Innotek’s unique ultra-fine process technology such as fine pitch patterning.


2-metal COF is a film-type substrate that connects the display panel of a smart phone, a TV, etc. with a driving chip and a main board. A microcircuit is printed on its both sides. It is used in high-resolution flexible displays such as OLED and is expected to expand its market increasingly.


For the package substrate family, a semiconductor package substrate used in a mobile application processor (AP), memory, etc. was introduced. What is noteworthy in the exhibition was the System-in-Package (SiP), which integrates integrated circuits (ICs), semiconductor elements, etc. in a single semiconductor package.


A representative of the company said, “Substrates provide increasingly high performance and are becoming highly integrated due to the multifunctionality and miniaturization of smart devices.” He continued, “In the exhibition, you will be able to see ultra-precision substrate technology optimized for applications such as smart phones, APs and memories.”


[Photo] LG Innotek’s booth