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LG Innotek unveils the world’s first ‘Second Generation V2X Full Module’

2017. 08. 31.

LG Innotek today announced it developed the world’s first ‘Second Generation V2X Full Module’ geared for the connected cars and autonomous vehicles.

In addition to having the wireless communication ability sufficient for commercialization, this device can be equipped into any part of a vehicle thanks to its excellent durability and mini-mized size, enhanced from the 1st generation models.

V2X is an abbreviated term for ‘Vehicle To Everything’ referring to a system which is made for the sharing of information such as traffic conditions between vehicles, vehicle and infra-structure, vehicle and pedestrians. The core element providing all the communication func-tions is the V2X module.

The module by LG Innotek is an innovative product which combines the three varieties of V2X core components, namely the HCI module and Hardware Security Module (HSM) for controlling the communication protocol and the Application Processor (AP) into one product.

Automotive manufactures can now be relieved from the trouble of having to separately install different parts and undergo separate tests, and improve the communication ability of their connected cars as well as their safety and product reliability using the V2X module.

The Module has an exceptional durability that enables it to survive a heat impact with a high temperature of 105C° and operate normally. A proprietary heat-proof design technology has been applied. A harsh summer environment which raises the indoor temperature of a car to 90C° is not a problem for the product.

Also, this product has a size that is one third of a credit card, which means it can be installed just about anywhere inside a car. Its size is truly compact with a width of 40mm, a length of 35mm, and a thickness of 4mm.

It has recorded a sensitivity level of -94dBm as well as a transmission power of 23dBm for a device with a communication speed of 6Mbps. Even when the car is traveling at a high speed of 120km/h, transmitting and receiving are done without interruptions for as far as 1km.

LG Innotek can speed up its penetration into the connected car component market with this development of ‘V2X Full Module.’ It is planning to offer solutions optimized and customized to customers with its solid product line-up.

This company can customize its supply according to the functions desired by finished cars or vehicle parts companies, with products ranging from HCI modules to full modules. It pos-sesses the V2X modules optimized for the main V2X chip set companies Autotalks, NXP Semiconductors, and Qualcomm.

An LG Innotek official said, “Our competitiveness has already been proven with our supply of various vehicle communication components to many global companies, and we have also proven our advanced technology with the launch of the first generation V2X full modules two years ago,” adding that “we will consistently provide innovative components which improve the safety and convenience of vehicles.”

LG Innotek’s 2nd Gen V2X Full Module