Product description

This is a component that connects the display panel mounted on smart phone, TV, etc. to the driving chip and main circuit board.

As a high-performance product with a microcircuit design on both sides of the film, it is suitable for high resolution displays and mobile devices.

It can be folded or rounded, so you can diversify designs such as smartphones and smart watches with flexible display.

Product Inquiry

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High Precision
High Resilience
    Fine Pitch Patterning

    Reduction of the inner lead pitch of the integrated chip drive (reducied chip size)

    Implementation of multichannels

    Compact and Highly Flexibile

    Increasing the degree of freedom of module’s component connection and minimizing the assembly areas

    High Resolution Optical Test

    Automatic precision test on the microcircuit

Product Specifications

Category Specification
Polyimide(PI) Thickness 35μm
Copper(Cu) Thickness 8μm
Fine Pitch 18μm
Line / Space 8μm / 10μm
Plating Tin(Sn)
Solder Resist Halogen free

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