Product description

A camera module is an essential part of any device that records and stores visual content, such as photos and videos. This module is not only used for smartphone devices but tablet PCs as well.

It uses an image sensor to convert the light coming into the lens to an electric signal and outputs it to the device display using software, where it is further processed and stored.

In addition, the camera module is expanding its applications as an input device as it can now detect the movement of objects and people, such as facial expressions and hand.

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High Resolution
Low Power Consumption
    Ultracompact, ultra thin and high performance module

    The world's smallest 2,100-megapixel OIS

    High performance optical system: Wide angle (135°), large diameter (F/1.8) lens

    Core parts built-in

    VCM (bi-directional/induction VCM), PCB, lens design

    No.1 camera module

    No. 1 in terms of global market shares (2011~, based on revenues)

Product Group

CLAF Camera Module
    VGA - approx. 21 Mp
    New AF solution
    (Bi-direction VCM, Induction type CLAF)
CLAF&OIS Camera Module
    21 Mp
    Calibration method : Lens barrel shift correction type
    Angle of image stabilization : ±0.5° - 1.3°
Wide FOV Camera Module
    High performance optical system: Wide angle (135°), large-diameter (F/1.8) lens