Product description

Chip-on-flm or COF is a substrate manufactured by mounting semiconductor chips directly on a thin film printed circuit board (PCB). It serves to transmit electrical signals to a display panel.

It is the ideal material for the next generation of flexible and wearable displays, such as that of smartphones with a thin and narrow bezel.

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High Density
    Fine Pitch Patterning

    Reduction of the inner lead pitch of the integrated chip drive (reduced chip size) Implementation of multi-channels

    Compact and Highly Flexible

    Greater freedom for module connections and the reduction of assembly areas

    High-Resolution Optical Test

    Automatic precision test on the microcircuit

Product specification

Category Specification
Polyimide (PI) Thickness 35 / 38 µm
Copper (Cu) Thickness 8 µm
Fine Pitch 20 µm
Line / Space 8 / 12 µm
Plating Tin (Sn)
Solder Resist Halogen free

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