Product Description

This is a product for detecting and notifying the opening and closing of entry door or windows.

It can be used to detect the activity of occupants or any unauthorized intrusion (for crime prevention).

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high quality
high quality
low power use
low power use
    Excellent RF performance
    Long battery life with low power consumption

Main specification

Item Sensor Device(Surface Mount) Sensor Device
Frequency Range* 919~927MHz @KR, JP, BZ 919~927MHz @KR, JP, BZ
907~918MHz @USA 907~918MHz @USA
864~871MHz @Europe 864~871MHz @Europe
RX Sensitivity Typ. -93dBm @100kbps Typ. -93dBm @100kbps
Tx Power Typ. +4.0dBm Typ. +4.0dBm
External Memory 1Mbits Flash 1Mbits Flash
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃ -20℃ ~ 50℃
Power Supply CR2450 Batteries CR2 Batteries
Battery Life Over 5 years
(every 7 minutes transmission)
Over 5 years
(every 7 minutes transmission)
Local communication* Z-Wave (ITU-T G.9959) Z-Wave (ITU-T G.9959)
LOS 120m 120m
Location Indoor Only Indoor Only
Sensor Operating range 0 ~ 20mm 0 ~ 20mm
Accuracy ± 10% ± 10%
Sensor IC Reed switch & magnet Reed switch & magnet
Size(mm) Sensor 13 × 26 × 54 (TBD) 20 Ø X 64 (TBD)
Magnetic 11 × 16 × 36 (TBD) 13 Ø X 20 (TBD)

* Other RF techologies(such as Zigbee, BLE, Sub-G and etc) can be applied

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