Product description

LED Driver is a power conversion device that supplies power to LED lighting devices.

It converts input power and functions to operate LED lighting equipment stably.

Product Inquiry

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Ultra compact
Low power consumption
Heat radiation design
Long life
    Established a full lineup based on core technologies such as Small, Heat radiation, High efficiency/Long life
    Power saving and sensible lighting available
    Safety standards acquired by country, CTDP (Client Test Data Program) of UL Established self-verification system through authentication

Product type

Item Specification
    Flat, Outdoor, Downlight, Tube, Wireless Interface Module
Dimming / Function
    DALI, ZigBee, BLE, IR, TRIAC Dim., 0-10V Dim
    MOC1), LOC2), AC-Dim, Schedule-Dim, etc
Type / Material
    Linear Type, Squared Type, Cylinder Type
    Frame : Metal, Aluminum, Plastic
Safety Certification
    cUL, CE, ENEC, CCC, FCC, KC, KS, BIS,GOST-R, PSE, etc.
    NFC, Wired interface with PC

1) MOC : Maximum Output Current
2) LOC : Lumen Output Compensation