Product description

This product implements the light source of LED lighting installed inside and outside the car.

Product Inquiry

For product inquiries, please contact the person in charge.


    Customized LED Development

    Customized product development: Matrix Headlamp, SMD Headlamp, PC Amber, etc.

    Full Color available: Red, White, Amber, Green, Blue, etc

    Stable supply

    LED Chip / Package / Module total solution

    Mass production of large diameter wafer

Product type

For exterior lamp For built-in lamp
Headlamp DRL,
Turn signal
Tail, Stop Position Room Lamp etc. Cluster
10 ~ 25W
0.7 ~ 3W 0.2 ~ 1W 0.2 ~ 0.5W 0.2W↓ 0.2W↓
High Power High / Middle Power Low Power