Product description

This is a state-of-the-art product that can transmit the image of the installed place to the terminal through the wired/wireless network and monitor it remotely using mobile phone or laptop.

Unlike conventional CCTV and analog cameras, anyone can use this product easily by simply turning the power on without wiring work.

Product Inquiry

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High Resolution
Wide Angle
    Easy to install: Outdoor Camera PoE (Power over Ethernet) function supported
    Various functions supported: Backlight correction, motion detection, night mode, Event alarm, etc.
    Excellent wireless communication performance

Product type

Platform Specification
Outdoor Camera HD 720p / View of angle 105° / WDR / Night mode(IR LED) / PIR / PoE / IP65
Indoor Camera Fixed FHD 1080p / View of angle 105° / Night mode(IR LED) / Wi-Fi
Pan / Tilt FHD 1080p / Pan 345°, Tilt 110°/ Night mode(IR LED) / Wi-Fi
Doorbell Camera
    HD 720p / View of angle 172° / Backlight correction / Night mode(Flash LED) / Wi-Fi / IP65
Mini Dome
    HD 720p / View of angle 90° / Night mode(IR LED) / PoE / IP65

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