Product description

This solution applies sensor/wireless communication control technology to LED light so that users can control light easily and quickly while saving energy.

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Ultra compact
High sensitivity
Multiple functions
    Optimum combination system of wired/wireless communication

    Available for multiple communication (ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi)

    Available for various power drivers
    Reduction of wireless certification costs of lighting power via wireless certification of modules
    Energy saving through sensor interlocking
    Scalability through gateway interworking protocol (able to control 2,000 lights)
    Built-in server function of Gateway reduces installation costs

Product type

Product Description Size(mm) Function
Wireless module This is built in lighting equipment to enable wireless communication with gateway. 29 x 22 x 7.7 ZigBee communication
PWM output (or UART communication)
Gateway It is an integrated wired/wireless gateway for remote control of light. It controls lighting by receiving signals from sensors and IHDs. 116Φ, H=100
(Ceiling Type)
Wireless: ZigBee, Wi-Fi
Wired : Ethernet
Up to 2K lighting operation (When gateway is interlocked)
Sensor It detects human bodies, senses luminance and sends signals wirelessly to control light devices. 95Φ, H=68
(Ceiling type)
ZigBee communication
luminance Sensor/ Human body sensor
In home display It is a device, with a built-in wireless communication module, that can check the state of the light device and control it wirelessly. 195 x 122 x 12
(7” Tablet)
Android OS
Wi-Fi communication / Lighting control Lighting scheduling, Layout settings