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I need directions for going to LG Innotek.

Please go to the homepage and click "Company" > "Business Information" > "Global Network" for the contact information and specific locations of LG Innotek’s domestic and international offices. Please note that you first have to contact the product representative in charge if you intend to visit our place of business.

What business is LG Innotek engaged in?

As an enterprise that provides global materials and parts and engineering services, LG Innotek is engaged in the business of manufacturing key materials and parts for mobile devices, vehicles, IoT, electric home appliances, semiconductors and LED devices, which are all based on the company’s original technologies.

What procedure must I follow to become a supplier for LG Innotek?

Please visit our supplier portal ( and click on "New Supplier Registration"

What line of business is LG Innotek engaged in and what are its main products?

LG Innotek supplies key materials and parts for mobile, vehicle, IoT, electric home appliance, semiconductor, and LED industries based on its key original technologies. Its main products are camera modules, automotive motors, sensors, LED lighting packages, electronic modules, etc.

Is LG Innotek in any social networking site?

LG Innotek manages its official blog ( Facebook page( and Naver Post account(

May I conduct field trips at LG Innotek's business sites?

Currently, LG Innotek does not have an official field trip program in light of safety and security issues inherent to the company’s line of business.