Product description

This is a real-time global positioning system based on IR-UWB (Impulse Radio Ultra wide Band)

It can be used for high-valued assets that require precise location tracking and travel paths, and it can also be used for location/travel path monitoring of customers in the store, and the management of visitors to critical areas.

It can also be applied to diverse in- and out-door areas, including location of vehicles or materials.

Product Inquiry

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Real time
    Ultra-precise position detection (± 10cm when using IR-UWB)
    High transfer rate
    Compatible with IEEE802.15.4a / IR-UWB

Product type

Tech IR-UWB Wi-Fi RFID ZigBee
Coverage Max. 100m Max. 100m Max. 5~7m Max. 100m
Accuracy ±10cm 2~5m 5m~30m ±5m

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