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Photo Mask

Photo Mask

product descriptions

Photomask has a similar function as a film used in photography. Just like the identical pictures are printed from the film, photomask can reproduce thousands of circuits and patterns. The photolithography technique is employed in the photomask manufacturing process to create chrome pattern on a quartz substrate. The finished photomask is then used as photographic plates for LSI, LCD, PCB, etc. Equipped with world-class photo etching technology, LG Innotek manufactures photomasks for large area ultra-precision LCD. Through intensive technical development and innovative activities, it has achieved a world class competence in both quality and productivity. For the first time in the world, LG Innotek has developed and mass-produced Half Tone Mask (HTM), Multi Tone Mask (MTM), Distortion Compensation Mask (DCM), and Phase Shift Mask (PSM) for large area LCDs. These technologies have led LG Innotek to become a leading company and play a key role in the development of global display industry.


  • Large Area
  • Ultra Precision
  • Low Cost
01Core and Source Photo Mask Technology & Various Products on hand
  • Development of the Large Area Pattern Generator for the first time in the world (LG Innotek & Micronic, 1993)
  • Manufacturing technology of Photo Mask for Touch Window, LED, Lead Frame, Tape Substrate and LCD
02Technology Leadership
  • Development & Mass-production of 7/8G Half Tone Mask for the first time in the world (2005)
  • Fine Pattern generating technology through development of OPC and PSM technique
03Cost Leadership through internalization of raw materials
  • Technology of Quartz Polishing, Cr sputtering and PR Coating

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