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LED Business

LG Innotek's LEDs illuminate the bright future.

LG Innotek produces LEDs that shine in the center of the global LED industry with a passion for creating the perfect light.

Light of Life
Since venturing into the LED business in 2000, LG Innotek has provided total solutions by vertically integrating the entire process from epi wafers, chips, packages, modules (BLU, Light) for LEDs, making a leap toward becoming a global LED leader.
Light of Love
We impress our customers by gaining recognition for reliability through strict quality-control of all LED production processes and offering highly efficient and safe products that have acquired standards, such as the CE and UL.
Light of Nature
LEDs are eco-friendly sources of light as they do not contain hazardous materials, such as mercury and lead, and use less power, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions. With semi-permanent lifetime, LEDs have a long replacement cycle and thus reduce waste discharge.

Overview of LED(Light Emitting Diode )

If two compounds, a P-type semiconductor with positive electric properties and an N-type semiconductor with negative properties, are connected to allow an electric current to flow, an LED emits light. Some LEDs emit infrared and ultraviolet rays as well as visible rays. As to visible rays, red, green and blue LEDs are mixed to create the color of the desired light, making it possible to express all colors from white to red and violet. A white LED emitting more natural light is achieved by combining the three primary colors of red, green and blue, or by applying a fluorescent substance to a blue light source.

Overview of LED Description Image


01High Efficiency
A highly efficient source of light converting about 90% of electric energy to light energy, an LED consumes less power, saving more than 30% of electric charges than a fluorescent lamp.
02Long Lifetime
The life of LEDs is 50,000 hours, which is longer than those of fluorescent (10,000 hours) and incandescent (1,000 hours) lamps. Due to their long replacement cycle, LEDs are cost-saving.
Unlike previous fluorescent and incandescent lamps, LEDs are environment-friendly light sources without hazardous materials, such as mercury and lead. Less power-consuming and high-efficient LED products can reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
04Ultra Slim
It is possible to design an ultra-slim LED light source, which enhances design freedom for product applications. This in turn makes it possible to produce super-slim digital products, such as TVs, notebooks and mobile phones, and to design an innovative structure for lights that go beyond the design limitations of traditional lamps.
An LED is a safe light source which withstands impact and is easily designed to resist damage.

LED Business Area

Based on its core LED technology and state-of-the-art facilities, LG Innotek has vertically integrated the entire LED production process and maximized synergy effects between business areas, thereby launching itself as a global LED leader.

  • Epl Growth
    Epl Growth icon
    Manufacturing wafers
    by growing compound
    semiconductors on a
    sapphire substrate
  • Chip
    Chip icon
    Forming Epi wafer
    electrodes and cutting
    the wafer into
    individual chips
  • Package
    Package icon
    Protecting chips from
    external forces and
    processing them for
    each application area
    for commercialization.
  • Module/Engine
    Module/Engine icon
    Attaching an LED
    package to a specific
    frame, considering the characteristics and combination properties required for each application.

Applied Products

LG Innotek's LED products are used in various areas including automotives, lightings, displays, and mobiles.

  • Automobile
  • Lighting
  • Display
  • Mobile