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CSR Report

LG Innotek's CSR activities are all found in the sustainability report.

Sustainability subtitle image

Since 2010, LG Innotek has published an annual sustainability report to fulfill our social responsibility. LG Innotek will continue to stay in constant communication with our stakeholders regarding our plans and performance in sustainability management.

2015-16 Sustainability Report Information

2015-16 Sustainability Report photo

This is LG Innotek's 7th sustainability report. It serves as a channel through which the company can communicate with its stakeholders on its sustainability management.
LG Innotek has monitored and diagnosed the major issues of 2015 and tried to make improvements. This report covers the results of those activities.

Sustainability Report PDF Download
Contents Download
Overview Corporate overview(CEO message,
Our businesses, CSR vision and system, etc.)
Download(PDF / 725KB)
Jeong-Do management
Download(PDF / 308KB)
Communication with stakeholders,
Materiality analysis
Download(PDF / 302KB)
Promise with customers
Download(PDF / 780KB)
Promise with environment
Download(PDF / 908KB)
Promise with business partners
Download(PDF / 774KB)
Promise with local communities
Download(PDF / 911KB)
Promise with employees
Download(PDF / 916KB)
Our Data
& Appendix
Economic/Environmental/Social Data
Download(PDF / 265KB)
Memberships/Awards & Recognition
Download(PDF / 365KB)
R&D national projects involved
Independent assurance statement
GRI Index