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CEO Greetings

Sustainable growth comes from securing business competitiveness.

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The Meaning of LG Innotek's Sustainable Management

Dear valued LG Innotek stakeholders,

LG Innotek is always committed to fulfilling its social responsibility and implementing diverse activities to realize its sustainability management vision "Right Promise, Better Tomorrow." We make a concerted effort not only to operate our businesses environmentally and ethically but also to create a great workplace where employees are able to work in safe environments and respected with their values.

Sustainable growth comes from securing business competitiveness.

While all our business activities are indissolubly linked with sustainability management, the most fundamental element is securing business competitiveness. The essence of our businesses consists in supporting our customers to achieve striking performances in the market. Therefore, we believe the basic corporate social responsibility at LG Innotek is to consistently enhance the competitive edge of our products with an insight into customer value, through which we meet customer needs, solve their pain points, and ultimately deliver differentiated values. To fulfill the commitment, we will focus on innovating our business competitiveness and accelerating the development and cultivation of new business opportunities in the coming year. Inspection on competitiveness in existing businesses and innovation throughout the value chain will be implemented to ensure higher operational efficiency and productivity. Efforts for securing new growth engines will continue as well.

We will be more sincere and dedicated to fulfilling our social responsibility

LG Innotek will adopt stricter internal criteria to environmental management beyond just complying with regulations in order to join the global efforts for solving environmental issues. Our commitment to environment will be stiffened from the stage of research and development, the initial point of a product, by developing and adopting eco-friendly materials and expanding low-power product design. In addition, we will do our utmost to conform to basics and principles to ensure safety and finally build a accident-free workplace. On top of that, we will also be dedicated to winning stakeholders' trust by implementing Jeong-Do management, expanding activities for co-prosperity with suppliers, abiding by fair transactions, and actively communicating with local communities.

We ask for your relentless interest in and support to LG Innotek's progress toward a sustainable future.

Stakeholders' invariable support as well as internal innovation is a prerequisite to becoming a sustainable company which is undisturbed by any changes. We will continue to be proactive in communicating with stakeholders, listening to their voices, and reflecting feedbacks to our business activities.

Please give us your continuous interest and support.

CEOJong-Seok Park

Park Jong Seok CEO sign