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Green Management

LG Innotek - green company, green management

Sustainability subtitle image

LG Innotek puts the happy life of people and the environmental preservation first in its management activities and technology development, has carried out green management continuously, and has enhanced its global competitiveness based on eco-friendly mindset. Also, LG Innotek has made efforts to achieve the EESH vision through various innovative activities such as reducing energy consumption and carbon emission and improving production processes.

In the 21st century, the development of solutions to climate change, the environment, safety and health has become an important factor determining corporate competiveness. In response to this new paradigm, LG Innotek established in 2003 a department in charge of eco-friendliness, steadily carrying out environmentally friendly activities ever since. Also, we have joined the electronic business circle’s declaration of eco-friendly production that began in 2004. This has been reflected in our various activities, showing our determination to proactively participate in eco-friendly production at home and abroad as a components and materials company.


Mission : To create accident free for the safety workplace / To create a green workplace for Eco & high efficiency

Vision : Global No 1 EESH leader in the materials and components industry

Role :

  • Energy: stable supply of Utility/ reduce energy cost / introduce new technologies
  • Environment: Prior corresponding to regulations / minimize environmental load / reduce greenhouse gas
  • Safety: Prevention accidents / identification and reduction risks / training and education
  • Health: Manage patient / improve working environment / health care for employees
  • To realize EESH culture, establish emergency response plans, foster global competitiveness

    EESH Policy

    The staff at LG Innotek works hard to encourage sustainable development and improve the quality of life based on the EESH manage-ment system. As a global leader in the electronic components industry, LG Innotek wants to show the world what can be achieved under EESH-focused management.

    EESH 방침 자세히 보기
    Making EESH as a basic factor in every decision-making in management.
    Complying with international conventions and local laws and regulation, while continually improving the management level of EESH.
    Announcing the policy and performance of EESH to inside and outside the company through information media and exerting efforts to improve the performance in a systematic and sustainable way.
    Making every executive and staff participate in enhancing resource/energy efficiency, reducing waste and removing risk factors in every managerial activity, and try to improve private health.
    Designing products and facilities taking into account EESH, and reflecting EESH in various purchasing activities.
    and leading EESH activities in local communities based mutual understanding and exchange.

    Every executive and staff of LG Innotek shall open the EESH policy to all the persons concerned and make product vendors and service providers understand their responsibilities according to this policy. As a member of the nation and corporate citizens, the company shall execute the EESH management in priority in a systematic way to exercise its social responsibility.

    CEOJong-Seok, Park

    signature of Jong-Seok, Park