Product description

This product is used to transmit images outside or inside the vehicle to the display. It is mainly used for parking assistant and travel assistance system.

In addition, by detecting lanes/vehicles around the vehicle and collecting and transmitting relevant data, the ECU can issue warnings or control the vehicle.

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High Reliability
High Resolution
Night Vision
    High credibility: Low temp (-40℃), high temp (+105℃), waterproof, dustproof, chemical resistant
    A range of resolutions: VGA ~ Full-HD(2 Mega Pixel)
    Low illumination: Applied near infrared cameras (NIR) and algorithms for improving low illumination visibility to enhance recognition rate.
    Multi-Functionality: self-diagnoses malfunctions of camera module, extends algorithms to recognize objects as well as pedestrians

Product type

Category Specification
    VGA ~ Full HD, FOV 40°~55°
AVM for the purpose of Around View monitoring
    Transmit 4-directional images outside the vehicle
    VGA ~ Full HD, FOV 180°~190°
For the purpose of Rear View Camera
    Transmit the rear image of the vehicle
    VGA ~ Full HD, FOV 130°~190°

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