Product description

This product is a substrate that attaches IC chip that stores important information required for passport, ID card, credit card, etc. on the board and transmits information as electric signal.

It has two types: contact and contactless. The contact type is divided into single type and dual type that can enable NFC function.

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High density
Ultra slim
    Various surface treatment technologies

    Ni/Au, Ni/Pd, LG SIM, Ultra Sim plating, etc.

    AFVI(Auto Final Visual Inspection)

    Improved the reliability of error detection through automatic optical inspection

Product type

Category Specification (Single) Specification (Dual)
Copper Foil N/A 29um / 35um
Adhesive N/A 25um
Core Epoxy Type PPG Epoxy Type PPG
Core Thickness 100 um / 120um 100 um / 120um
Adhesive 25um 25um
Copper Foil 29um / 35um 29um / 35um
Plating Ni / Au, Ni / Pd Ni / Au, Ni / Pd

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