Product description

This is a pump that sucks up the oil from the oil pan of a vehicle and maintains its function by supplying oil and applying pressure to each running part of the machine.

For a vehicle with ISG (Idle Stop and Go System), this product supplies oil pressure to the transmission to reduce the shock from gear shift that occurs when the vehicle starts from the engine-stop state, and to perform lubrication.

For Hybrid vehicles, this product supplies oil pressure for transmission operation in an electric drive mode, while for the EV/DCT vehicle, it performs cooling and lubricating functions.

Product Inquiry

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Ultra compact
High efficiency
Environmentally friendly
    Built-in inverter

Product type

Parameter for HEV for ISG For DCT
Packaging (mm) Φ90 x 190L Φ70 x 130L Φ62 x 132L
Weight (kg) 3.5↓ 1.62↓ 1.152↓
Pump flow(LPM) 10.3 @10.5bar 6.0 @6bar 17.1@1.0bar
Motor Power (W) 300 140 230
Torque (Nm) 1.5@2,000rpm 0.4@3,000rpm 0.4@6,000rpm

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