Product description

This is a shield with a certain pattern engraved to selectively transmit light.

Using photomasks, many circuits and patterns can be formed.

Photomasks are used as a substrate for microcircuits used in semiconductor integrated circuits (LSI), flat panel displays (LCDs, OLEDs), and printed circuit boards (PCBs).

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Large area
Ultra precision
Low cost
    Implementation of high precision pattern

    Fine CD : Chrome 0.6um, Space 1.0um

    Transmittance control : 4% ~ 55%

    We have the original technology of large area photo mask

    Available for mask for the world's first 8.5 generation:1,220x1,400mm(13t)

    We own such technologies as Quartz Polishing, Cr sputtering, PR Coating

    Developed the world's first Large Area Pattern Generator

Product type

Category Specification
Binary Mask CD Tolerance ≤± 0.20um, Range ≤0.25um
Fine-Slit Mask CD Tolerance ≤± 0.10um, Range ≤0.10um
Half-tone Mask Transmittance Tolerance ≤± 1.0%
Uniformity ≤ 2.0%
Multi-tone Mask Transmittance Target : 4% ~ 55% (3-tone or over)

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