Product description

Provides various customer contents including video call, security, VR and AR by installing camera to IoT Device

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Ultra compact
High resolution
High sensitivity
High reliability
    Super Wide FOV applied: 150˚
    Large diameter lens applied: F/2.4
    Active Alignment process: Improving resolution by minimizing tilting

Product type

Item Specification
Photo taking(RGB) 120 degree, 12Mp (1/2.3”), 2G5P, F/2.4, HFOV : 150˚
360 degree, 12Mp (1/2.3”), 2G4P, F/1.89, DFOV : 200˚
Recogni-tion(IR) Eye tracking, VGA (1/7.5”), 1GM3P, F/2.2, HFOV : 60˚
Long-shot, VGA (1/7.5”), 1GM3P, F/3.6, HFOV : 8˚

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