Applicaion Process

LG 이노텍은 여러분의 가능성을 믿습니다.

Scholarship Recipients

LG Innotek hires talented employees through various recruitment channels.

01Preliminary Screening
Candidates are selected based on the documents they provide, including their job application and cover letter.
02Real Project
Real Project is an overnight team activity program where participants can experience each episode of some R&D projects at LG Innotek that are already completed or currently in progress in the form of simulation games.
Candidates receive a comprehensive evaluation through various interviews, including a work skills interview and personality interview.
04Medical Checkup
Candidates receive a medical checkup performed by the medical institution that LG designates.
05After Being Accepted
New employees are trained and participate in a job placement consultation session before being dispatched to their final departments.

Here are the benefits of the Real Project:

Experience what it is like to be a company's R&D staff

You can improve your understanding of a company's R&D processes and workflows and check your current capabilities against your goal to be a professional R&D staff.

See the milestones to realize your dream

Through the Real Project, we perform an in-depth analysis on your capabilities we observed and provide coaching and guides for your development so that you can grow to be a professional R&D staff.