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Singapore—one of the world’s smartest cities—is virtualizing the entire city through a digital twin project called “Virtual Singapore,” and conducting various predictive simulations based on the model. Hyundai Motor Company recently announced its plan to build a “Meta-Factory,” which is a smart factory built in a virtual space to advance factory operations and promote manufacturing innovation.

Although there is a wide array of applications, such as automobile manufacturing, healthcare, and urban planning, the aforementioned examples are all changes in our reality that are taking place based on digital twin technology. A digital twin is no longer something in the distant future or figment of our imagination. It is indeed a megatrend that is being applied widely across actual industrial sites and expected to be developed continually in the future.

This is why LG Innotek—which provides world-class materials and components in a wide range of optics, substrates, and electronics—is paying attention to digital twins. From development to production, LG Innotek is rapidly adopting digital twins to strengthen manufacturing competitiveness across the entire value chain. Through this, we aim to help our customers respond to the market in an agile manner and produce quality products, ultimately supporting the growth and success of their businesses