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■ Awarded the GM ‘Supplier Quality Excellence Award’ of the U.S. for 5 consecutive years

■ The company proved the globally competitive quality of its automotive components

■ Innovate customer experience by next-generation automotive components with perfect quality

On September 19, LG Innotek (CEO, Cheol-Dong Jeong) has been recognized for the quality of its vehicle components as the company has won the best supplier award from U.S.-based global carmaker GM on multiple occasions. LG Innotek has won the 2021 Supplier Quality Excellence Award from GM for five consecutive years from 2017 to 2021.

The Supplier Quality Excellence Award is given by GM every year to its partners that met the strict quality standard of ‘zero defect’. Only the companies that have supplied parts for vehicle manufacturers with perfect quality are eligible for this award.

As automotive components are critical to the life and safety of passengers and pedestrians, their quality should be very strictly controlled compared to other products. GM is especially known for its strict control standards as it is one of the top global vehicle manufacturers. This is the reason why the fact that LG Innotek has received the Supplier Quality Excellence Award for five consecutive years is meaningful. 

■ The company proved the globally competitive quality of its automotive components

LG Innotek has been supplying electric vehicle parts such as a DC-DC converter and an Electric Vehicle Communication Controller (EVCC) to GM since 2010.

The DC-DC converter is a component that converts high-voltage direct current from the battery into low-voltage direct current suitable for vehicle accessory devices. The EVCC transmits the information on battery charging status, a driver who is in the car, and charging fee between an electric car and a charging machine.

This Supplier Quality Excellence Award is LG Innotek's sixth award from GM. By supplying parts with the complete quality for the last 12 years, LG Innotek has strengthened its trust and partnership with GM even more.

LG Innotek has raised the bar for automotive quality control standards continuously through acquiring global certificates, complying with new standards such as cybersecurity, and participating in the development of new standards.

LG Innotek has obtained CL3 certification for Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capability determination (ASPICE), an evaluation model for the automotive component software development process, and Cybersecurity Management System (CSMS) certification. 

Moreover, the company is actively participating in international standardization regarding autonomous driving (ISO 21448), standardization of international electric vehicle charging control (ISO/IEC15118), and car connectivity consortium.

■ Innovate customer experience by next-generation automotive components with perfect quality

LG Innotek has been selected as an excellent partner company and recognized for its quality competitiveness by major global carmakers and automotive part companies including not only GM but also Continental, Schaeffler, and Jaguar Land Rover.

According to Byaeng-Kuk Yoo, Head of Automotive Components Business Unit at LG Innotek, said “LG Innotek will present next-generation products with complete quality such as vehicle sensors, cameras, and communication modules, and innovate customer experience in the global electronic vehicle and autonomous vehicle markets.”

This year, LG Innotek is planning to accelerate in improvement of industrial structure of the automotive components business and continuously expand its position in the global automotive components market. The company will work its best to improve profitability especially by actively carrying forward improving product and customer structure, strengthening global SCM capability, platform models (versatile products that minimize customization), and standardization.

EVCC (left of the image) and DC-DC converter (right of the image) supplied to GM by LG Innotek Recognized for excellent quality of EVCC and DC-DC-converter, LG Innotek has received the GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award for five consecutive years